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Hardcover, Paperback or E-book? Take your pick

It’s a hard choice, mainly since they all have pros and cons that, somehow, counterbalance each other. Taking a look at my bookcase, I realized that probably 95% of my books are paperbacks (no, I didn’t do the math :p), but is this a clear proof of my preference for this kind of books or did it happen by chance?

To try to answer this question, I’m going to take you through a “tour” of each type of book.

Book Reviews

Comet Dust

After Comet Yomogi struck Earth, nothing was ever the same. The atmosphere was filled with a brownish dust, the Pope was killed, the Neuists took over Europe and Gina Applegate is not ignorant to it. Living in the Generation of Fading Light, Gina documents her experiences in her vlog, recording the increasing violence and fear that possess people’s lives. With only 21 years old, she already had her fair share of loss and grief which, little by little, made her lose her faith in God. When she finally sees herself in His eyes, she feels ashamed: why does God hate her? But the Days of Darkness are approaching and faith is the only thing that will help her survive.

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Constant Guests

Isa was a Parisian party girl who thought she had nothing in common with her parents. And then she finds out that she was adopted and that her mother, Mara, had just woken up from a coma. However, when Mara dies in front of her, Isa becomes determined to find out more about her and, most importantly, discover who her father was. Unintentionally, she also finds herself searching for twenty-four ancient tarot cards that hide the world’s greatest secret.

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Me Before You

Lou never dreamt higher than her job as a waitress in The Buttered Bun. She loved it there, she knew the faces of every costumer, her employer liked her and she felt at home in that place. But when she suddenly becomes unemployed, Lou finds herself jumping from job to job until she ends up as a caretaker of a quadriplegic. Will is nothing like she thought he would be. He is rude, he bullies her and she tries to busy herself with household chores – like cleaning dust that isn’t there – just to avoid talking to him. And, on top of all, she had to make him want to live.

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The Hotel Westend

The maid was drugged with sleeping pills, the child crawled to the cliffs and the father died of a heart-attack, all in the same night. There’s a suspicion of murder, but the crime is never solved. Twenty years later, all the people present during that incident are summoned to the place where the death occurred: the Hotel Westend. Elsie, on the other hand, stumbled upon the hotel when her sister Francis suggested that she should try rock-climbing. Can she handle this group of quirky and somewhat dangerous guests?