My Very Own Dream LOOT CRATE


Hello book geeks! I have some juicy news for you!

I recently came across an awesome project being run by Loot Crate. They are looking for interested fans with great ideas. So, what’s the drill? 

Imagine if you had the ability to build your own subscription crate filled with any items you wanted. No matter how big or small, if you can dream of it, you can include it! Well that’s exactly what Loot Crate‘s new project is all about!

In case you don’t know, Loot Crate is a monthly geek subscription crate and they’re aiming to discover how pop culture fans would go about building their own Dream Crate. And you know that I just couldn’t let this opportunity pass cause I’m as geek as it can get, and I have been ogling all those beautiful unboxings of subscription crates in Instagram for a long time, dreaming of when I’d receive one in the mail. It’s amazing that we can participate in something as great as this, that we get a chance to give some wild ideas who might eventually become part of Loot Crate‘s next boxes!

So, since my area of expertise has a lot to do with books, I definitely thought that bookish items couldn’t be missing from my dream Loot Crate. And what happens with most avid readers is that eventually we start getting ideas of our own. The reading bug turns into a writing bug and soon we can’t stop thinking about writing our own book. I dream of becoming an author some day so my dream Loot Crate should definitely have some tools for the trade. Plus, in case you haven’t noticed (I bet you did, anyway), my blog has a lot to do with Alice in Wonderland – therefore the name Down The Reading Hole ;) – so I definitely wanted to include some Wonderland madness in my box because it is part of my childhood and part of me as a whole. After all, in Wonderland anything is possible and the same happens in dream Loot Crate boxes :p

So my theme for this box would be BOOKISH MADNESS and here are the 5 items it would include:

A cute reading light

  • It is common knowledge that all proud, badass bookworms read until dawn but now all of us have the privilege of being hot werewolves or sexy vampires that can see in the dark so yup, we need cute reading lights. Or night gogglesany will do

An inspirational little notebook

  • Ideas are tricky, diabolic little things who are determined to appear when you’re least prepared – like when you’re studying for a test, or taking a shower, or about to fall asleep. And then you think “Maybe I should jot down this brilliant idea” but then you can’t find any useful piece of paper or you end up losing the scraps you used to write down that idea that would make you a New-York bestseller author. Don’t let the lack of an organised little notebook ruin your chances of succeeding in the big apple! And the cover should definitely have an inspirational quote for those times when the muse refuses to come and visit – a Disney inspired notebook would be really cute, right?

A magical pen

  • Or a pen in the shape of a wand cause all writers are wizards – obviously – and what is a wizard without a wand? Harry Potter will certainly give you the answer to that question ;) Why ask for a pen? Well, how else would you write in that pretty notebook?

Unbirthday Tea

  • You might be asking what is unbirthday tea. Unbirthday tea is some delicious, warm tea that you can drink everyday of the year except on your birthday. I actually just made this up but it should really be turned into a thing, don’t you think? Well, tea is an absolute requirement because there’s nothing better in the world than to curl up with a book, a warm blanket and some nice tea. And ideas just seem to flow much better with a warm drink so it’s perfect for writers as well!

A Funko!

  • I’m obsessed with Vinyl figures but unfortunately I don’t own a single one, so this is definitely a must-have in my dream subscription box. Ideally I would love to have an Alice in Wonderland funko, especially the Chesire Cat cause he’s such a cute cinnamon roll or the Queen of Hearts cause she’s the sassiest queen of all!

Would you include any of these things in your own dream box? Well, the awesome thing is that you too can be part of this project! Anyone can participate so go ahead and start thinking about your own dream box! They’ll be highlighting a number of crate ideas throughout social media and might even be selecting one dream to turn into a reality. The one crate deemed worthy would become a real crate theme for a future month’s subscription. Who knows, it might be yours!

Thanks for reading and watch your step or you may fall down the reading hole!

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