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Books that should most definitely have a sequel

Copy of Feature imageHi everyone! I’m pretty sure you were already wondering where I was. Well, I’m sorry I have been MIA for so long, but life has been hectic with university, exams, EVERYTHING! Luckily I have only one exam left to do and holidays are nearly here. Hurray!

So, before starting today’s rambling, I want to introduce you to something exciting that I have been involved lately. I’m now part of the @broodingyahero Street Team! In case you don’t know @broodingyahero (which I highly hope that’s not the case), he’s basically an internet (more like twitter) sensation. He’s gorgeous, and moody, and his eyes are sparkling orbs. Have you guessed who he is? Yes, pretty much every YA male protagonist out there. And he will be releasing a book later this year called BECOMING A MAIN CHARACTER. Who better to give tips that a main character himself?


Image credited to @LoveAt1stWrite

The great thing about being a BroodyBFF (that’s what the Street Team calls itself) is that we get so many awesome challenges, and today’s challenge is to talk about sequels! So I’m going to tell you about the 2 books that should most definitely have a sequel as it makes me cry every time I think that all those loose ends will never be tied up.

#1: Heartless by Marissa Meyer


How is this even possible? How can this book not have a sequel????

If you read this book you have to admit that there where several loose ends that were never tied up at the end and they have been causing a tangle in my brain! (Hope you got the pun)

This is actually an issue that I have address in my review of Heartless (you can check it out here) in the part called “Conspiracy Time“, which is where I come up with all these weird theories.

1st loose end: Catherine takes the Vorpal sword from Jest’s hat. He then says “it’s been passed through the Chessian royal family, generation after generation (…) Supposedly, only one with royal blood can wield it.” But she wasn’t even Queen of Hearts then! And The Sisters said that they knew her many-greats-grandmother. This probably means that the woman was from Chess and might have been from royalty? THIS, just this tiny little detail is enough inspiration for a whole new book! An investigation into the ancestors of Catherine. How cool would that be?

2nd loose end:(this part is very spoilery so if you haven’t read the book don’t read ahead): There was this war going one in Chess between the Red Queen and the White Queen. Jest was trying to take Cath’s heart to end that war. But then he dies, so what happens in Chess? Should we just assume that this war that has been going on for ages simply continues?

Basically what I want is a sequel where Catherine actually finds out that her ancestors where from Chess and they were part of the royal family (probably from the side of the Red Queen). Then, she ditches the King because he is super annoying, and leaves for Chess (probably taking Hatter with her and Chesire because he is too cute not to include in the story). She decides to end the war in honour of Jest as that was his main goal (and since Hatter loved him too then of course he would want to take part in this). Basically we would have a very bad-ass Catherine trying to end a civil-war, but since she is heartless now, she would be super evil and cunning and she would make the Red Queen and White Queen destroy each other and then she would proclaim herself Queen of Chess! I know that goes completely against what is then supposed to happen in the Alice in Wonderland books, but I still think it would be a pretty awesome sequel to Heartless.

Here’s an aesthetic board of what this sequel would look like:


#2: The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho


This is one of my favourite books in the world! I love it so much I pretty much read it once every year. In case you haven’t heard about it you can check my review here to get an idea of what it is about. And please read it! It is incredible and so inspiring! It makes me feel like there’s nothing I can’t do!

So, what I want from a sequel of this book? Well, Santiago had just found the treasure and he was now going back to the love of his life, Fátima. But first, he had to travel across the desert once again. I want a description of this trip, with all the hardships and obstacles. I want him to be robbed and lose all his treasure. As in The Alchemist, I want Santiago to hit rock bottom, but never give up. I need once again that show of tenacity, of fighting against anything that life puts in our way. I want more of that amazing messages that I will surely carry with me all my life.

Unlike the situation with Heartless, I’m not exactly sure of what kind of plot I want for this book, I just know that I want it! And I know that in the end I wish that he will finally be reunited with Fátima, even if it takes years. I want to see him fighting every day to make that dream come true in the same way as he fought in The Alchemist to find the treasure. And I want more alchemy!

Here’s an aesthetic board of what this sequel would look like:

What about you? Are there any sequels you’re still eagerly waiting for?




3 thoughts on “Books that should most definitely have a sequel

  1. I definitely agree that Heartless needs a sequel. I think The Names They Gave Us by Emery Lord could also be added to this list. Awesome post!

    I’m new to blogging and book reviewing, and I was wondering if you had any tips for newbie bloggers and book reviewers.

    If you have the time, please check out my blog @breenysbooks. I’d love any feedback. Have a wonderful day.


    1. Well, first of all, welcome to book blogging!!!! I just checked out your blog and it looks pretty good! Well, one advice that I was given once and I’ll be passing on to you is that on your blog’s front page you shouldn’t have the whole post, just an excerpt of it. It shows less text so it doesn’t scare people way and also add to “clicks” on your blog because if people want to keep reading then they’ll have to click on your post. Also, well, do what you love! It makes it a lot easier!

      Maybe I’ll write a post on tips for bloggers soon!

      Also, about reviews, try not to make them too lengthy (I admit that mine are way too big – I’m trying to make them shorter in the future) and always show the pros and cons of a book. It’s also nice to add links to your reviews such as Goodreads, Amazon and Book Depository. You can even earn money with this by creating affiliate accounts.

      Hope I was helpful!

      I haven’t read The Names They Gave Us yet, but I’ll definitely check it out!

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