Review Policy

I am currently accepting review requests of books in the following genres: fantasy, dystopian, contemporary, historical fiction, romance (no erotica) and science fiction. If your book is in any other genre, please send me the information either way as this is a negotiable matter. I review both traditionally-published books and self-published books.

I accept both physical and digital copies of books (including ARCs), but no audiobooks. If you prefer that I buy your book on Amazon so that “Verified Purchase” appears on my review, please inform me as you will need to cover the cost of the digital version.

Please respect the fact that I might have several requests at hand so I can take between 1-2 months to review your book. I will answer to every request, but if I feel that your book is not well suited for me I will not read it or review it. I believe that you would benefit more if your book was read by someone who could really appreciate it.

All my reviews are honest and I always try to highlight both positive and negative aspects of each book that I read. I believe that in this way I can help authors develop their writing so that future readers can enjoy them even more.

All my reviews are posted on this blog, on Amazon and on Goodreads. I also link them to PinterestBloglovinGoogle+ and Twitter.

My rating system goes from 1 to 5 stars:

★☆☆☆☆ – I really didn’t like this book
★★☆☆☆ – It was okay but I won’t read it again
★★★☆☆ – It was good but there were some issues
★★★★☆ – I really liked this book and totally recommend it
★★★★★ – I loved this book and I can stop thinking about it

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I would love to host book giveaways and author interviews. I also accept guest posts from both bloggers and authors. I would be thrilled to write a guest post for your blog as well.
If you wish to promote your book or your blog please send me an email.

Thank you for your interest in my blog!