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My Top 5 Bookish Shops

Today I’m going to show you my Favourite Bookish Shops. As you probably know – if you don’t then you’ll learn now – I have a Redbubble shop where you can find lots of bookish designs created by me, available in a lot of awesome products such as mugs and T-shirts. But there are other masters out there, people that create beautiful designs that I can’t help but goggle at, shops that I must introduce you to cause I’m sure that you’ll love them as much as I do.

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My Top 5 Bookstagram Accounts

The best thing about bookstagramming is that there is such a large community of awesome bookish photographers that I can’t stop checking my feed every half-an-hour (there are times when I check it every 5 minutes or so but let’s pretend that I’m not that addicted). I truly admire these gods and goddesses of bookstagram and I can’t stop dreaming that someday (some distant day in an impossible future in a far, far, far awayland) I will be like them and have 9K followers. Someday… Meet my idols, my teachers, the masters of bookstagramming…

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There was nothing noteworthy about Jimmy Porter, except that his blood contained the cure for all diseases. He was a human panacea, a cure-all, but he had no knowledge of this until he turned 21. When he receives a mysterious call promising information about his long-missing father, Jimmy isn’t able to resist it. He agrees to meet the man who will probably be able to shed some light on the disappearance of his father, but he never arrives to his destination.

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My Top 5 Bookish Blogs

In this past few months I started exchanging opinions and emojis with several bloggers and bookstagrammers and I couldn’t be more happy of belonging to this community. Before creating my blog I think that I felt quite alone in my reading world. Well, me and my mother would sporadically exchange bookish opinions while washing the dishes but I wanted more. I’m always wanting more. That is why I’m sure this will not be the last of this sort of posts. Down below I’ll be sharing my 5 favourite bookish blogs, but bloggers are being born everyday and I’m sure that soon I’ll have a few more favourites that I can’t avoid sharing with you.